Royal Thai massage and Hot Thai Herbs75 min€55.00

Royal Thai Massage60 min€40.00

(no oil) intense, therapeutic, healing

Thai Traditional Massage60 / 90 / 120min€40.00 /60.00/80.00

(no oil) gentle stretching passive joint movements tension and reducing mental stress

Royal Thai Oil Massage60 min€40.00

A combination of Thai oil massage using medium to strong pressure.

Swedish Massage60 min€40.00

Relaxing and invigorating. It affects the nerves, muscles, glands and circulation while promoting health and well being.

Aromatherapy Massage60 min€45.00

An ancient art which involves the use of natural plant oil for healing, cleansing and relaxation.

Lomi Lomi Massage60 min€40.00

Full body Hawaiian style using arms, palms and elbow to ease and loosen tight muscles, deep relaxation for both the body and the mind.

Thai Reflexology & Shoulder Massage60 min€40.00

Uses pressure to specific areas of the feet that correspond and to specific internal organs and structures in the body.

Thai Herbal Massage30 min€35.00

Relieve your sore back, tight neck and shoulders using advanced techniques with hot Thai herb ball.

Head, Neck & Shoulder30 min€25.00

Relieve tension, headaches, stress

Back and Shoulder30 min€25.00

To release tension, ache and pain.

Foot & Leg30 min€25.00

Soothe your tired and aching feet and legs.


Pigmentation75 min€50.00

Unifying and Brightening

Flash Beauty30 min€30.00

Beauty Break60 min€40.00

Deep Pore Cleansing90 min€50.00

LE GRAND CLASSIQUE - cleansing, restoring & relaxing.

Long Lasting Deep Hydrating75 min€55.00

Dehydration and Deep Dehydration

Long Lasting Deep Hydrating90 min€60.00

After Sun Exposure

Anti-Aging75 min€45.00

OPTIMIZE - Lifting and firming masque 103-105

Anti-Aging90 min€55.00

OPTIMIZE - masque lift

Treatment for Men90 min€55.00


Hand & Foot

Manicure45 min€13.00

Manicure & Nail Polish60 min€18.00

Manicure & Gel FX90 min€ 25.00

Manicure with remove & Gel FX60 min€30.00

Pedicure (hard skin)60 min€25.00

maintenance, soak, scrub, massage

Pedicure & Nail polish60 min€ 25.00

Pedicure & Gel FX90 min€33.00

Pedicure with remove & Gel FX90 min€38.00

Remove Gel-€ 8.00

Nail Polish-€8.00

Gel Polish-€8

Foot Treatment80 min€30.00

Foot bath, foot scrub, nail maintenance, foot mask, foot massage, nail polish.

Nail Polish-€7.00






Bikini Line-€7.00

Full Leg-€20.00

Upper Legs-€12.00

Lower Legs-€10.00

Full Arms-€15.00

Lower Arms-€8.00

Under Arm-€5.00



Upper Lip-€3.00

Body Scrubs

Spa Marine Exfoliating60 min€40.00

The Skin will be velvety smooth and hydrated and will have a radiant appearance.

Gommage Marine60 min€40.00

essential oil & sea salt for perfectly hydrated skin.

Body Wraps

Phyto-Marin (Full Body)60 min€40.00

Slimming body treatment

Phyto-Marine (Half Body)30 min€25.00

Slimming body treatment

Body Treatment

Full Body90 min.€80.00

Parafango body treatment: Anti-cellulite (Scrub, massage, serum, parafango, wrap)

Half body75 min.€45.00

1 Area60 min.€35.00

Cellulite massage60 min.€45.00

Cellulite massage35 min.€30.00

Cellulite massage3 session€ 130.00


Package Treatment 190 min€70.00

60 min Thai Traditional Massage 30 min Hot Thai Herbal Massage

Package Treatment 2120 min€75.00

60 min slimming body warps 60 min Cellulite Massage

Package Treatment 3120 min€75.00

60 min body scrubs 60 min massage

Package Treatment 4120 min€75.00

60 min Massage 60 min Facial

Package Treatment 5180 min€110.00

60 min Body Scrubs 60 min Massage 60 min Facial


Eyebrow + lash tint-€20.00

Eyebron tint/shaping-€12.00

Eyebrow Tint-€10.00

Eylash Tint-€12.00